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Friday, January 1, 2016

Is Dr Dre The Luckiest man Alive, or a Killer ?

After I walked out on my record deal Dr Dre had something new and all of a sudden he does not need anybody ? why ?, when he wants to leave Eazy , Eazy Dies, when he is ready to go solo Pac and Biggie Die , that's your shit right there complex and all its readers, when Dr Dre get his hands on my music he now want to go solo and everyone but him and Snoop came up dead that was rapper at the time, so when Dr Dre Goes solo and Launches his solo career they die>>>>> why because he is plagiarizing and cannot compete with real artist but he wants to go solo !!!!! when Suge comes on the scene Dr Dre has my music by then !!! we meet in 1989" .
  This blog is dedicated to all the slain rappers of the Late 90's and early 2000  I am writing this blog to clear my Conscience!!!! every since I walked out on my record deal!!!!! I feel totally responsible for the Murders of 2 Pac And Biggie, and Others!!!!!!   To authenticate this blog and the words that I write I will attach my application for a life time Achievement award.  Not just any one can call up the recording academy of arts and get an application. your application must be warranted!!!!!  I will lay out a cold timeline on the murders surrounding my music!!!!!   Before I met Dr Dre at Macola Records on Santa Monica BLVD everyone in the music business was alive and well, Roger Troutman was making us dance with Zapp, Easy E was rapping strong there was no talk being noised abroad about Easy E being HIV Positive !!!!!    Suge confesses to murdering Eazy E.                           
 Pac and Biggie were yet to be discovered, Dr Dre was also a DJ for the worldwide wrecking Crew and was a lip stick wearing Sissy!!!!!  Who would eventually transform himself from Sissy to Gangster rapping Beat maker. let us discover how he transforms his music career from a Dj in the back drop behind two turn tables to a Vicious beat making gangster rapper!!!!!            
 Ivan Law would create a demo and submit it to Macola records in 1986 two years before NWA was even a rap group , the demo would sit on the shelf for a few years. eventually Macola Records would call Ivan to release his style of rap which was very unique!!! Ivan would create beats for his raps with the 808 while other rappers were still using DJ's and sampling. Ivan was not home when the Ph call came in for him to release his brand of hip Hop, but after work he would get the message that the record company called. Ivan called them back, they ask Ivan If he could be there Wednesday at 11 am , Ivan said sure. so Ivan got his fresh Jerry curl done purchased a brand new suit to get ready to meet Macola records. Ivan Got there early, and Noticed Dr Dre walked right By his Chevy S10 pick up. and shortly the executives of the Label would walk by and go inn. Ivan got out his truck went in the Label and sat down next to Dr Dre. Ivan waited for what seem like an eternity sitting beside a killer. It was very uncomfortable sitting next to Dr Dre. there was a cold jealous chill about him. I ask Dr Dre what was going on and he said he was there to meet some "BODY". and I said me too. talk to the sectary to find out what was going on. she said just have a seat they will call you inn. I sat By the man who I believe today to be the Murder of many for about a few more seconds and bounced.
Candidate Submissions
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This Special Merit Award is presented by vote of The Recording Academy’s National Trustees to individuals who, during their careers in music, have made significant contributions, other than performance, to the field of recording.

 Now I lay out the time line for the murders. after I left Macola Records it would be a few years but around 1995 we have the first death in the rap game and he is the Ceo of Ruthless records. it was reported to us that Easy E died from aids. however his death was very different from Robert Ash. Robert Ash was a Tennis Player who contracted HIV through a blood transfusion which carried an incubation period of about 10 years    Even Rock Hudson had a chance to fly around the world looking for a cure   But not Easy E    Dr Dre and Shuge wanted Dr Dre out of the contract with ruthless records, he had his hand on music that did not belong to him. there was a stipulation that he could get out but Ruthless records would continue to get paid off Dr Dre new work because the sound was acquired under ruthless records.         

   So Now we have Easy E the fastest aides Death on the planet, however I do believe that Dr Dre And Shuge Night poison Easy. Now keep in mind Dr Dre is totally imitation at this point he has the Demo Of Ivan Law and he wants to be Bigger than Easy, Ice Cube and all the rest of the Rappers, he knows Ivan Law would have been the greatest at that time introducing a new sound. so Dr Dre set out to release the music and become Ivan Law, the music producer no one would get in his way, I believe and know he would and did and had to kill to get the sound off. But Easy Dies from aids are Rather in my mind is killed by poison. So Shuge and Dr Dre get all and Ruthless records is cut out, why ?  cause the CEO has Just Died from aids or is killed .
Dr Dre and Shuge organize Death row records. but neither man has any money Dr Dre is Broke Shuge is Broke. To bums setting out to start a label. so that's where Harry O comes in at, he finances Death Row Records Harry O and Death Row.

They would release their Biggest song In 1995 entitled California Love , however the Dr Dre is not the creator of the Beat in California Love, it belongs to the Zapp band Zapp band California however Rogertrout man is never paid for the beat Dr Dre would take credit as if it was his own, and Roger trout man would be the first to be gun down This is bullshit to many other murders followed this one. Dr Dre and Shuge  killed them both to avoid payment on California Love, and dr dre would get all the credit for the beat . Not one dime has ever been paid in royalties. Dr Dre took all the credit for the beat.

Now let's take a look at the 2pac , and The Biggie Murders. since 2pac was the fourth person to die and the third person to be shot let us look at him first. 2pac Music verses the music that Dr Dre would eventually make was totally different. Dr Dre wanted to stay stuck on one beat that I wrote Robo Cop, he needed to be able to repeat the beat over and over again but there is a problem he is not shining on the label neither is snoop. Snoop here is in the back and Dr Dre nowhere to be found 2pac has stolen the dam show from Dre. Dr Dre is a desperado now he has his hands on Ivan laws demo knows he has a hot sound in his hands but he can't get it off because 2pac would not use any of his beats, 2pac had DJ Quick making beats for him ! he did not need DR Dre!!! Pac is using a live band, as a mater fact Pac wasn't fucking with Dr Dre on the beats, because Pac said "it takes Dr Dre ten years to make a beat" !!! plus Dre is a repeat. stuck in one sound the west-coast, What is Dr Dre Problem now why would he have to kill 2pac Shakur to get the sound of Ivan Law off. Dre was not happy with the acquisition of Pac on death row well Pac used a live band and had great positive lyrics. Listen to Pac Plus 2pac is so versatile as a rapper Dr Dre Nor Snoop could fuck with his swag, without the Murder of 2pac Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg would not be shit in the game period they wasn't shit before the murders.
Now let us look at Biggie Smalls No Matter who we say killed Biggie, they say the police did  it. why the hell would the police kill Biggie? makes no sense, even if they did do it someone asked them to do it. and that is who we want . in this article it said the police did it

Mac Dre was also Killed By Dr Dre why ? there could only Be one Dre on the radio, are else there would be competition and a comparison of who was the best. in my professional opinion as an artist Mac Dre was shitting on Dr Dre all day. Mac Dre murder Motive  Mac Dre was a real artist Mac Dre YouTube Dr Dre was Imitation Ivan Law. Dr Dre did the same thing to Mac Dre That Little Walter Did to Little Walter Little Walter Shoots Little Walter Dr Dre and Snoop belong in Jail not basking in the glow of stardom. after I walked out on my record deal Dr Dre had his hands on my music I know and believe that the only way for him to become me and imitate me, he had to eliminate them that were truly artist, Rip Pac rip Biggie, Rip Mac Dre.   Keep in mind that Dr Dre is now peddling stolen goods to and imitation artistry the world .  
In My conclusion Dr Dre is ether the Luckiest man alive, in this world are a murderer not one but two Rappers that had more talent than him had gone on without him, came up shot to death and gun down in cold blood , and then he breaks my sound wide open, with the west coast sound and becomes the greatest rapper that ever lived!!!! in my human opinion there is not that much luck in the whole wide world !!!!!


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    1. I won Bro! I made My Case for Murder Against dre bro. The police has been to his house!